Amiran Click Sahand company was named as the third registered company in Mosayyebi Industrial Group in 2014 due to the increasing growth of domestic decoration industry and in order to cut the dependence of our Islamic homeland on imports of various types of melamineh flooring (parquet) and in the first phase, the annual production of one million square meters of laminate parquet has continued, with the second phase of this amount being up to 3 million square meters annually.

The parquet manufactured by this company is under the brand of Amiran Click and will be in two thicknesses of 8mm and 12mm (for the first time in Iran) and will have AC4-32 standard. The technology used in the machinery of this company is owned by Wemhuner Germany, the year of construction in 2014.

The type of click used for the Amiran Parquet is a Valinge type, which is one of the top and most trusted clicks of the current laminate.

HDF is used in all Amiran Click parquets boards with a density above 900kg / m3, which makes the parquet more durable. The number of colors in the first stage is 16 colors, which will gradually increase. Amiran Click Cabinets have 12 year guarantee for home use (low traffic) and 6 years guarantee for commercial use (traffic).

Packaging Information:

Parquet size: 1205mm * 190mm * 8mm

Number in each package: 8px

Area in each package: 1.832m²

Number per pallet: 70package

Area per pallet: 128.24m²