Amiran Melamineh Sahand Co. was established as the second registered company in Mosayyebi Industrial Group in July 2013.

At the same time, with the import of melamineh doors by Amiran Sahand Commerce Co. and considering the many years of experience in this case, with the purchase of up-to-date machinery and superior technology, Amiran Melamineh Co. has begun production and given the adequate knowledge of the market and Dear Customers, With the choice of the best models and the best colors, the company has made significant progress in a short time.

The production leads are produced in the following models:

 Golsar , Mahoor , Papiyoni , Prestij , Tashrifat ,  Kasra , flowering Kasra , Hasiri, medadi , three-frame Goldar , Khorshidi, Versace , Odessa


Monochrome door skins are produced in the following colors with two opaque and shiny surfaces:

 White, Abolute White , Wenge , Mahguni , Hazel Dark , Victoria , Amiran Kerem , Beech , Red Oak , Antick Light, Antique Dark , Antick Charm , Beyaz Mese, dark And Light Ash Malach


And Two-color door skins are produced in the following colors:

Wenge|White|Wenge , Wenge|Antick Charm|Wenge , Wenge|Mahguni|Wenge , Hazeldark|Amiran Kerem|Hazeldark , Black Ash|Light Ash|Black Ash , Antick Dark|Antick Light|Antick Dark


 The production leads are manufactured in the thickness of 4 mm and in widths 76, 86, 96, 102 and 105 cm.

Since January of the 2016 new series of Amiran melamineh colors are produced and supplied with a variety of 6 new colors: antique leather, dark hazelnut, Victoria, Cream Amiran, Russian and Zapata.

Also, from the beginning of the year 2016, according to the request of the customers, the 0520 (formalities) 0521 (papier) 0522 (Mahoor) and 0523 (Golsar) templates will be added to the models of this company.

The packaging is made up of 140 pallets, individually drawn on each sheet, and all the melamineh slabs produced by the company are carefully inspected and subjected to qualitative control.