Mosayyebi industrial group started its activities in the year 2009 with the establishment of its first company, Amiran Sahand Commerce. The primary activity of the company was importing melamineh doors from China and Taiwan, as well as importation of laminate parquet from Turkey and China.


Since July, 2013, and due to the sufficient knowledge of Iranian sake, based on internal power and modern machinery, the company has started Amiran Melamineh Sahand to produce all the imported melamineh door inside Islamic soil.


In 2014, with the addition of 50% of the previous capacity, the production of glossy melamine slabs could meet the country's need for melamineh slabs.


This industrial group in the year of December 2015 with the opening of the line of production of the Laminate parquet with Amiran Kilik brand was an important step for self-sufficiency of the country's wood industry in the field of laminate parkland.


The machines used in the parquet line are among the best brands of the present industry. By relying on domestic engineers and assistance and advice of foreign technicians, we were able to produce the best-quality parquet in the country. It is even safe to say that the company's parcels can compete with the German and Turkish parks easily, and for the first time, the parquet with real AC4 class is offered.


The development plan of this industrial group is under preparation with the purchase of land in the area of ​​12 hectares located on km 2 of the Isle of Islam (Tabriz-Orumieh Freeway), which, with the hope of god, will soon begin the construction work of this huge industrial complex.

It is hoped that by relying on God, we can take important and lasting steps in order to eliminate the dependence of our dear country.