The Mosayyebi Trading & Industrial Group was founded in the beginning of 2011 with the establishment of its  first company under the name of “Amiran Tejarat Sahand” with registration number of 150.

The main activity of this first  company includes importing of MDF Melamine molded door skins from china under the brands of M-trading, Kabir and JMT; and parquet laminate floor covering (pergo) imports under the Krona and Baratex brands.

All the named brands are currently distributed solely within Iran.

With several years of experience in importing laminate veneers, having been acquainted with the Iranian  markets and the  consumers need and taste and with the view of the importance of domestic production within the Islamic Homeland and lastly with the purpose of job creation and utilizing domestic resources, in July 2013 “Amiran Melamine Sahand” company was established.

With the ambition of terminating the need to import this product and become self-sufficient, Melamine Sahand now manufactures a variety of Melamine door skins with the 3-5 mm thickness in many favorite models and colors.

From the beginning of 2014 in accordance with the motto of “economic resistace” , we established “Amiran Click Sahand” company whose goal is to, for the first time in Iran, manufacture Parquet Laminate flooring in 8-12 mm thickness.

The technology used in manufacturing our parquet flooring is licensed from and belongs to Wemhuner of Germany which is a well recognized name in the industry. When in full operation, it will prevent 600,000$ from exiting Iran’s economy every year.

With the guidance and kindness of god, we hope that we have been able to take a big step towards helping our beloved country stand tall.

To be ever glorious, IRAN!